Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Have All I Need

by Debra DuPree Williams @DDuPreeWilliams

Papa, Bob DuPree, Surrounded by His Family On his 90th Birthday
This past week was my Papa’s birthday. He would have been ninety-seven years old. It’s hard to believe that the man I loved so much is no longer on this earth. I know, without a doubt, he is in Heaven with his Lord and Savior and I am sure he is walking around telling everyone, “God loves you, and so do I.”

That was one of Papa’s favorite sayings. It didn’t matter who you were or where you may have run into him. He didn’t care if he knew you or not. To him, everyone he met was his brother or sister in Christ. When he left, the last words he would say to you would be, “God loves you, and so do I”.

“I have all I need,” was said just about as often as “God loves you, and so do I.” Now, those may seem like very simple words, but they are actually pretty profound.

Right There With Him
And that's just it. Papa was content with what he had. He didn't need much, a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and his Jesus. For Papa, those were the only things he really needed. Even when we had to make the decision for him to be in assisted living, he never complained. He made himself happy and content with being there because he knew that wherever he went, Jesus was right there with him. He had his most-basic need. How many of us could or would say that we have all we need?

Needs Or Wants?
In this day of I want this or I need that, wants and needs have gotten terribly mixed up. I can’t tell you the number of times either my husband or I has said to one of our four sons, “Is that a want or a need?” I think we often confuse the two, and certainly our little children do.

One wanted a new, more powerful computer on which to play his games. But did he really need it? Another wanted a new phone with all the latest bells and whistles. But did he really need it, especially since he already had one that did all he really needed a phone to do.

Papa was very clear about the difference. He knew that in having a personal relationship with Jesus that he truly had all he needed. What else could he possibly want?

How about you? Do you have all you need?  

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  1. Papa's heart indeed sounded like our Fathers. Like him, I also say, I have all I need. Thank you for reminding us Debra of Papa's timeless truth! Hugs to you my sweet friend!

  2. Thank you, Callie. I appreciate you stopping by. Blessings to you and your family. I pray for you daily.